Definition of hypocrisy

The Church may have a divine mission, but this shows that it is run by humans and thus prone to sin and hypocrisy.

In the Philippines, bishops have told people to come out, “because there is nothing to be ashamed of about their sexuality”. This is perfectly in line with the Catechism of the Catholic Church 2357-2359 which says that homosexual acts are “gravely disordered” as they do not conform to procreation, while the orientation itself is neutral.

This overlooks, or indeed ignores, the fact that homosexuals are born homosexual through no fault of their own. As well as the fact the Church allows infertile couples to marry and indeed have sex, even though they are unable to procreate. The Church is thus denying homosexuals the right to be fully human by condemning them to a life of solitude, often with extremely negative consequences, for their emotional and mental health.

By drawing an overly legalistic and narrow distinction between the orientation and what the person does with others, they contradict the very message of Christ, who openly despised hypocrisy and legalism.

It is right that the Church’s teaching on this is ignored.


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