Hiding something

With Romney’s campaign for president mired in trouble related to his vast wealth and honesty, a poll shows that “A majority of Americans believe Mitt Romney should release more of his tax returns”.

It mentions that “Of those surveyed in the USA Today poll released Thursday, 54 percent of all voters and 53 percent of independents say that Romney should release more than two years’ worth of tax returns. Some three in 10 Republicans and three-quarters of Democrats agree that Romney should disclose more”.

Interestingly the report notes that “a plurality of voters — 47 percent — say tax returns are ‘largely irrelevant’ when deciding who should be president. Conversely, 44 percent say it provides ‘legitimate information that helps voters make better decisions.'” It not only provides “legitimate information” it gives a window into a candidate’s character and openness with the electorate. A test that Romney has so far failed.

The article mentions that “44 percent believe the returns would hurt Romney’s campaign, 42 percent say that the release of returns would not likely reveal damaging new information. But 15 percent — largely Democrats — predicted the returns would include revelations that could show Romney is ‘unfit to be president.'” However, the conditions as who is fit to be president are vauge and largely partisan. President George H.W. Bush was seen unfairly as weak despite fighting in WWII in the Pacific as a 19 year old fighter pilot despite family connections and wealth that would have meant he could have avoided such obvious danger.

The piece concludes noting that “the Romney campaign has said repeatedly in past weeks that it had no plans to release additional records. In an interview with the National Review earlier this week, Romney said he doesn’t want to provide the Obama team more ammunition to launch political attacks”.

This is a tacit admission of Romney that his is indeed hiding something by not disclosing it.


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