Chinese provocation

First there was Chinese bullying of Cambodia at the failed ASEAN summit, then Japan. Now “Four Chinese maritime patrol ships illegally entered Japanese territorial waters Oct. 25 near the disputed Senkaku Islands, the Japan Coast Guard said. This is the sixth such incursion by Chinese patrol vessels since Sept. 11, when Tokyo purchased three of the islands from private ownership. The last occurrence was on Oct. 3. The group of five uninhabited islets and reefs in the East China Sea are administered by Japan but claimed by China, which calls them Diaoyu. The islands are additionally claimed by Taiwan. Japanese coast guard ships maneuvered abreast of the ‘Hai Jian’ Chinese vessels and warned them to leave”.


16 Responses to “Chinese provocation”

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    […] from reform but at the same time far greater pressure to tighten CCP power, or worse, use the trouble with Japan to attack it and start a […]

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    […] China (and Taiwan) claim”. However much of the problems, though not all, have been caused by Chinese aggression, which Japan has exploited to its own ends. This does not mean alleviate the blame from China by […]

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    […] as ever seems to be intent on angering all of its neighbours and isolating itself in the process. The latest move by China is to do with their […]

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    […] China has, over the last number of months, repeatedly and quite explicitly, shown its bullying, aggressive side. So while a peaceful China is what is best, the world should be under no illusions as to what […]

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    […] around China — the worst anti-Japanese outbursts in decades. Chinese patrol vessels also made numerous incursions into Japanese-claimed waters, while angry rhetoric from the Chinese Foreign Ministry stoked the […]

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    […] in the stability of the mainland market”. These risks have been mentioned here before from picking fights with Japan and the rest of Asia to the obvious problems of its economy coupled with much needed, […]

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    […] Shinzo Abe many are wondering what the reaction of the new government will towards its hostile and provocative neighbour, […]

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    […] it is an expansionist power”, yet there is plenty of evidence to the contrary such as its bullying of its regional neighbours, aggression and alienating many regional […]

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    […] As ever with China there is a certain bullishness to the strategy – “Marching West” – not moving or tilting or focusing but marching. The militaristic connotations are hard to miss. The US pivot has its faults, but at its core is shoring up already existing allies and hopefully making new ones – notably Burma in an effort to assuage nations that America has not ignored what is happening in the region. […]

  10. A view from Singapore « Order and Tradition Says:

    […] should not be a suprise, from the actions China has persued over the last years from angering and provoking its neighbours to meddling in the affairs of other countries who making real reforms for the […]

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    […] with the failed ASEAN summit and since then a number of ill-conceived bullying tactics that have only made China’s position worse. Naturally this has only strengthened America’s hand though […]

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    […] ambitions”. The PLA-N has already been active since the ASEAN dispute, provoking most of the rest of Asia to push back against it and toward America, although there is no certainty of its true […]

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    […] has attempted this policy in the South and East China Seas to dreadful consequences for itself, but it has also  […]

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    […] those days are now very clearly over. Now it is China that is the regional bully and as a result Japan is perfectly right to revise its 1945 political […]

  16. Not about energy? | Order and Tradition Says:

    […] China has often taking self defeating positions such as annoying India and bullying the rest of Asia as has been well documented. So to therefore say that China’s policy is self defeating is true […]

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