Conflicting signals

Pope Benedict is sending mixed signals before the end of his reign and start of the conclave next month. In September he gave the pallium to Cardinal Scola privately which was taken as a sign of his favouring the Milan archbishop as his successor. However since then and it a break with custom, Benedict has named an active cardinal, Cardinal Ravasi to preach the Lenten spiritual exercises. Things are further confused by the fact that Rocco reports that a during Benedict XVI’s last Angelus during the Lenten exercises he said to pilgrims, “the Only to the Spanish-speaking faithful, however, did Benedict explicitly ask prayers ‘for me and for the next Pope.’ While the crowd was dotted with banners and signs being held aloft thanking the Pope and wishing him well, reports from the Piazza found that most attendees didn’t appear to be part of church groups, but simply showed up on their own”.


One Response to “Conflicting signals”

  1. “Should not be expected” | Order and Tradition Says:

    […] been thought that he would give a speech to the increasing number of cardinals in Rome that might clarify his views on who should succeed […]

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