“U.S. Navy will not be deterred”

The U.S. Navy will not be deterred from conducting a close patrol of China’s man-made Spratly Islands, if it chooses, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said Tuesday. “We will fly, sail, and operate wherever the international law permits, and we will do that at the times and places of our choosing, and there’s no exception to that,” Carter said in Boston, where he and Secretary of State John Kerry were meeting with their Australian counterparts. “Whether it’s the Arctic, or the sea lanes that fuel international commerce widely around the world, or the South China Sea.” Carter said the United States wants China and the other countries to halt reclamation and militarization activities on the Spratly Islands, a collection of islands, rocks and elevated coral reefs. According to a recent maritime report by the Department of Defense, there are more than 200 Spratly land features, though that figure varies based on how geographers count them”.


One Response to ““U.S. Navy will not be deterred””

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    […] including Cameron, shy away from confronting China on contentious issues like human rights or the militarization of the South China Sea — even as the United States tries to craft a tougher approach. That has […]

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