Correctly the piece adds that “The self-proclaimed democratic socialist never bothers much to explain how he would pay for his promises. But this did not seem to matter to many of his fans, who came out in force for a rally on an evening when the opening game of the local baseball team, a Donald Trump pageant at the nearby Milwaukee Theatre and the Tripoli Shine Circus competed for attention. Does Mr Sanders still have a chance of winning the Democratic presidential nomination? He has triumphed in six of the past seven primaries and caucuses and raised $15m more than Mrs Clinton in March. Yet she leads with 1,748 delegates (out of 2,383 needed) compared with 1,058 for Mr Sanders. Punters on Predictwise, a prediction market, give Mrs Clinton an 89% chance of clinching the nomination. To catch up, Mr Sanders would need to win big in the New York primary on April 19th”.

The piece ends “Even if he loses those contests, Mr Sanders vows to campaign all the way to the convention. That leaves Mrs Clinton grappling with a much stronger and better-funded rival than she anticipated. And to the delight of many Milwaukeeans, it increases the chances of social-democratic ideas taking root in a country notoriously hostile to them”.