“Would set conditions on sales of U.S. air-to-ground weapons to Saudi Arabia”

A bipartisan pair of senators has introduced a resolution that would set conditions on sales of U.S. air-to-ground weapons to Saudi Arabia.  Sens. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) offered the measure after reports emerged that the Saudis have used U.S. weapons in attacks in Yemen that killed civilians.  “Saudi Arabia is an important partner, but we must acknowledge when a friend’s actions aren’t in our national interest,” Murphy said in a written statement. Saudi Arabia is fighting a war in Yemen against Iran-backed Shiite rebels known as the Houthi. A human rights group said last week that U.S.-supplied bombs were used last month in an airstrike on a market that killed at least 119 people. “I have yet to see evidence that the civil war we’re supplying and supporting in Yemen advances our national security,” Murphy said. “The more it drags on, the clearer it becomes that our military involvement on behalf of the Saudi-led coalition is prolonging human suffering in Yemen and aiding the very groups that are intent on attacking us.” Murphy and Paul’s resolution would require the president to certify that certain conditions are being met before selling or transferring air-to-ground munitions to Saudi Arabia.


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