Egyptian MPs, the courts and two islands

Egypt MPs say although an administrative court ruled Tuesday that Egypt should not cede two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, they are still the ones who have the final say on this deal when it comes up for debate before parliament next month. The biggest reaction to an administrative court ruling on Tuesday that two Red Sea islands – Tiran and Sanafir – should remain Egyptian rather than become a part of Saudi waters was in parliamentary circles. Most of MPs said regardless of any judicial rulings they are the ones who have the final say on the Egyptian-Saudi deal on the two islands. Kamal Amer, chairman of parliament’s Defence and National Security Committee, told reporters Wednesday that article 151 of the constitution grants the president of the republic the power to take charge of the country’s foreign affairs and signing of agreements and that these will be endorsed only after they gain the approval of parliament (the House of Representatives). ‎‎“We respect judicial authorities and we respect court rulings, but regardless of any rulings in this respect, it is parliament that has the final constitutional power to say yes or no to foreign agreements signed by the president and the government,” Amer said”.


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